ARTISAN: Barry Nesbitt

  • Builder of Quiet & Beautiful Sanctuaries, both indoors and out

  • Leather Tooling

  • Saddle Tooling & Reconstruction

  • Mechanical Technician

  • Innovative Metal & Welding Artisan

  • Innovative Builder & Carpenter

  • Self-taught Carpenter

  • Self-taught Mechanic

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This is Barry Nesbitt. He is an Artisan.


Barry’s Heart:

God has placed in his heart

  • A love for people and a desire to enrich his community through service

  • An appreciation for the peace and freedom of enjoying His creation and a rural life: which has given Barry a sympathy for those who, because of lifestyle or employment, are not able to experience that peace and freedom

  • A strong delight and ability to understand basic architecture and mechanics.

Together, these traits result in a man who prioritizes time to build things that will enhance the lives of others.


Barry Nesbitt, and his five siblings, first lived on a farm in Saskatchewan, and then, in 1965, moved to the farm a half mile from where we live now. He's been a hard worker his whole life.


Barry is very good at figuring out and repairing mechanical equipment; welding, and building decorative and functional things, out of metal; building houses, cabins, fences, cupboards, and toys, out of wood; and working with, and tooling, leather. And, recently, he's added fine-art picture framing to his list of skills.


Barry tends to see the good in things. He is good at not dwelling on a problem, but rather turns his attention to good things; to 'get on' with getting along. He forgives easily. He likes laughter. Barry likes to think about things before deciding to do them. Unlike me, Barry prefers to have time to ponder changes before implementing them. When he does make a change, it is well thought out, so he does not readily abandon it.


He is an accomplished craftsman. He has a remarkable and intuitive gift for building and repairing things. Although Barry is a farmer, first, over the  years he has added many other skills to his trade. Once he puts his mind to a problem he rarely stops until he has mastered it. He has become proficient in carpentry, welding, and machinery repair. He rebuilds saddles; repairing saddletrees, tooling the leather to match the original pieces, and resewing the saddle back together. He built our home and most of the other buildings on our land.


Though Barry works very hard; and dependability is one of his strong suits, he also understands the need for rest and play. Barry has a great sense of humor and loves to tease. Sometimes he prioritizes rest and play: leaving his work behind, he takes time to put his feet up, visit, snack, and laugh. He enjoys the outdoors and sets aside time to stargaze, hike, or just sit around a fire with a friend or a book.

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This is Gloria Nesbitt. She is an Artist.

THE ARTIST: Gloria Nesbitt

  • Designer and Decorator of Quiet & Beautiful Sanctuaries, both indoors and out

  • Artist

  • Story Teller

  • Illustrator

  • Art Mentor and Facilitator

  • Creative Party Instructor & Facilitator


My Heart:

God has placed in a me:

  • A personal love for Jesus and a confidence that God’s Word, the Bible, is infallible and life-giving; and a love and delight in the rest, peace, and unity which He purchased for me: and an empathy for people seeking these things

  • A love for creativity of all sorts; being particularly drawn to stories: creating, telling, painting, reading them; and seeing analogies of His relationship with us in the things and circumstances around me.

  • A love of sharing the “secrets” I’ve learned with others; with the desire to encourage, motivate, and lift others up.

  • A delight in designing, organizing, and decorating little hidden retreats, and places of quietness and beauty; both inside, and out in His creation.

Together the result is twofold:

  • One is a desire to build others up, by using all I have; to offer opportunities, encouragement, and support; to those who long to experience these things too.

  • The other is also a delight in finding ways to unite God’s Word with beautiful art, in order to inspire and encourage myself, and others, in our everyday walk with God; and to do that by using whatever creative means comes to hand; from murals, paintings, signs; to storytelling, sharing my own story, and more.


I was raised in the town of Drayton Valley but I was born on a farm just north of Linden, Alberta, and have always loved the farm life. I married Barry in 1979 and shortly afterward was was delighted to discover that my husband and I were going to be farmers! In the Fall of 1980 we moved to our farm and between 1984 and 1996 four sons were added to our home.


My art is often inspired by the things I see around me. I delight in analogies, of God and His work in our lives, that are visible in the things He has created. Stories delight and inspire me. I like to create them with both words and paint and have been known to turn whole rooms into a story using murals and decor. I also enjoy the art of storytelling using both words and various art forms.


I am inspired by creative challenges. I really delight in helping people pursue creative solutions and love helping people overcome creative roadblocks. For me, brainstorming and talking over things with other people, is problem-solving, and I often find solutions to personal or creative dilemmas in this manner. When I make a creative change, if it isn't working, I am quick to abandon the plan for a better one. Being adaptable helps find successful solutions, and when its possible, I prefer to implement changes right away.


I delight in the drama of a thunderstorm. I am inspired by creative ideas and enjoy pursuing them. My love for fun and drama is counter-balanced by a strong need for quietness and beauty. Therefore, I prioritize my alone time with my Lord and am most blessed when those times are spent in the beauty of His creation.