Is This "You"?

1. Life is many things but restful is not one of them. Yet, you crave rest. You would love to be welcomed to to a rural retreat where peace and quietness are two of its distinguishing features.

2. You love rural settings and farm animals; spending time sitting by a river sounds like a little bit of heaven; and outhouses, and the lack of plumbing, pose no problem for you. 

3. Although, you don't know how to express yourself artistically, you have a deep desire to do so, and you would love someone to show you how.

VISIT if this sounds like you.

Nesbitt's Riverside Retreat is situated in the Blindman River Valley and the river winds it's way through the center our land.  Go for a walk across our land. Explore the river: walk along the bank, rent one of our canoes, or bring your own.

  • For Singles or Couples
  • For ages, from, Young Adult, to Retired
  • Family & Child-Friendly


We have three, rustic, cozy cabins across our land. They have no plumbing but there's a outhouse available to each one. Each cabin, with its deck and beautiful view, is unique in what it has to offer.  Book a cabin and experience the quietness our river valley has to offer.

Our farm is home to cows, chickens, and mules and we welcome our guests to join us while we do our morning chores. It is also home to a wide array of wildlife; including, song birds, waterfowl, birds of prey, coyotes, badgers, beavers, and gophers. Come enjoy our animals with us.

Thankful Arts Studio and Gallery is located on our farm. Join us, in this safe place, where playfulness and experimentation are encouraged, and where "Opening the Doors to Creativity" is our delight and our joy.


A Grannie's Post


So I decided I wouldn't be "one of those" grandparents who show pictures of their grandkids to everyone they meet. That was before I became Grannie to a couple wonderful children. Though, I've more or less kept to that rule, sometimes it's been by sheer willpower. Today I'm sharing these photos of a little girl I'll call Harley for the sake of clarity. She appears to have been watching a movie. You could use your imagination that it may have been at Grannie's house and that Papa may have been sitting with her. But it would just be for the sake of imagination. It's just random art. Really... Sharing paintings of your grandkids doesn't count the same sharing photos. Right? Grin. (painted 'Live')

Rimbey's Art Walk

To Central Alberta ARTISTS


You are invited to join us for Rimbey's Art Walk that is being held in conjunction with, ‘Rock'n Rimbey and Rimbey & District Chamber of Commerce Street Festival' on August 24th, 2018, from 3:30-8:30pm.

This is a ‘Free-For-All’ and ‘Come-As-You-Are’ event. Show up. Draw. Paint. Create. Sell. This is for original artwork only. Spaces are 10’x10’. The Rimbey Art Walk is free of charge for this year only. You will need to bring your own tables, chairs, pavilions, etc.

If you intend to come, send an email to Gloria, at by August 10th, including:

· your name

· your business name

· the type of art you will be bringing

Set Up is from 3-3:30 pm and Take Down is from 8:30-9:00 pm.

Please note that the main street will be completely closed to all vehicle traffic during the hours of 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm between the Servus Credit Union and The Vault. And, around the corner, between The Vault and Rimbey Builder's.

NO VEHICLES are allowed inside the Art Walk perimeter during the event.

Gloria Nesbitt

Rimbey Map.jpg